Elila Lace


Elila Full Coverage lace Bra ONLY

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Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire is a classically designed garment with lasting support which lifts, separates and balances the bust line to create a feminine appearance.

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34E, 36E, 38E, 38E, 40E, 42E, 44E, 46E, 48E, 50E, 34F, 36F, 38F, 40F, 42F, 44F, 46F, 34G, 36G, 38G, 40G, 42G, 44G, 46G, 48G, 50G, 34H, 36H, 38H, 40H, 42H, 44H, 46H, 48H, 50H, 34I, 36I, 38I, 40I, 42I, 44I, 46I, 48I, 34J, 36J, 38J, 40J, 42J, 44J, 46J, 48J, 34K, 36K, 38K, 40K, 42K, 44K, 46K, 48K


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